Pastors Nathan &Whitney Seta

'Complete Makeover' (Body, Soul & Spirit)
'The Process of Worship'

Whitney Seta leads the worship at Powerhouse Church in Orlando. When she first came she was very bound by fear but God has set her free so that she can now lead others into the freedom that God has for everybody.


She is a worshipper of the heart, very deep and and so is the rest of her team that will help during the days of PowerSchool. It is an awesome team writing their own songs. None of them like to fake some kind of performance, they want to be real, and that is was worship is all about! 


Whitney has been leading worship at conferences in different states and in different nations in Europe and in Africa. In July 2015 married Nathan who is also a part of the Powerhouse Worship team and now they lead worship, write songs and do  ministry together. In 2016 they welcomed their first child, Ayla who loves to worship along side Mom and Dad.